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Know the correct overload protection and wire for size and type of a transformer
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The Electrical Calculator is a program to perform different calculations to arrive at the current values on both sides of a transformer. By using this calculator you can determine the correct overload protection and wire needed for the corresponding size and type of transformer. The power factor, voltage, current and power can be quickly calculated by you using this tool. You can arrive at an estimation of the availability of the short circuit current at its maximum on the transformer terminals. This calculator can be used for single as well as three phase current. The input of numbers can be performed via keyboard or by increasing or decreasing the values in the boxes, by clicking on the arrows on the sides of the box. You are able to calculate the amount of current for a given amount of power or can also calculate the power for a given amount of current. The calculator has inbuilt multipliers for Typical Code. Also the typical transformer impedance values are available in the calculator itself and you do not have to separately figure it out or enter it again and again.

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  • An easy-to-use tool for accurate electrical calculations


  • Does not support many functions
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